Trust Your Intuition

Packed with tools the author has used for over 30 years of self-development that have also proven effective with clients including adults, adolescents and children, Trust Your Intuition will guide you to elevate your life and align with the wisdom that already exists inside of you.

What readers are saying:
“The strength of this book is its simplicity. Despite her clinical background, the author manages not to come across as pedantic or preachy. Short chapters enable the reader to grab the book whenever he or she feels the need, flip to any page, and within a couple of minutes read a short, uplifting piece to help them recenter their life.”
– Judge, 7th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards.


“A book filled with bite-sized advice and actions that anyone can be inspired by and put into practice minutes after reading them.  No nonsense from start to finish that will be helpful for everyone and anyone.”
– C.C. Chapman, Author of Amazing Things Will Happen


“In your hands is a wealth of soulful tips to help you reclaim your emotional and mental health.  If you dive deep into one tip a day, incredible things can happen like spontaneous joy, increased confidence, and a renewed gusto for living.  No need to hesitate on this one.  I’ll be stocking my practice with many copies.”
– Arlene Dijamco, MD, Integrative & Transformative Physician,

2019 Winner of the Nautilus Book Award

#1 Best Seller status in the category of depression in Canada on Amazon Kindle

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