“Pieces” Book 2 in the Devon: Dream Agent Series

There was another dream.
Gwen. Something about Gwen.

Seventeen-year-old Devon Alante squinted in the darkness of her bedroom. Even though she couldn’t recall many of the details, the message was very clear. Her dreams weren’t wrong. Something or someone was letting Devon know for certain that her best friend Gwen’s boyfriend, Andrew, wasn’t all that he appeared to be.

For as long as she can remember, Devon has been haunted by the visions in her dreams that seem to come true in real life. Last fall, she had even been able to help the local police in her small town of Hanley solve a brutal crime with the details she saw in her nightmares.

Now Devon has been invited to participate in a workshop at the police station, to help develop her multisensory perception skills. Devon is thrilled to be the only teenager included with the detectives and the other adults, but the dreams about Gwen and Andrew keep nagging at her, making it impossible for her to focus in the class. She had tried to warn Gwen about what she saw in the dreams about Andrew, but Gwen simply refused to believe that her boyfriend was anything but perfect.

Then one day, Devon finds her deceased mother’s journal and discovers that her mom and her best friend may have more in common than she ever knew. Is her mom the one sending Devon the dreams to try and help Gwen? Will Devon be able to get Gwen to see the truth about Andrew before it’s too late?

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