Awakening (Devon: Dream Agent)


“Devon,” the voice whispered in the darkness, sounding neither near nor far.

Devon Alante wishes she could feel as excited about her junior year of high school as her friends do. But while they’re going to parties, planning for college, and falling in love, Devon struggles with crippling dreams that have plagued her as far back as she can remember. It isn’t until she hears a voice calling her name though, that she realizes the dreams are becoming reality.

She wishes she could talk to her father about all of it— her dreams, her anxiety, her mother’s death when Devon was five, and the nightmare that ended up coming true—but her father refuses to discuss the dreams or the details surrounding his wife’s passing. None of the Alantes will.

Then one night, Devon awakens from a disturbing vision about a brutal attack on a woman who works in their small town of Hanley. Her father’s solution is to take her to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, insisting all the while that medication will help her sleep and put an end to the dreams once and for all.

But when events from Devon’s dreams actually start to unfold in real life, she’s not so sure medication is the solution. The voice that calls her name in her dreams just might be…

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