The Land of Blue

Twelve-year-old Cassie Connor’s father has disappeared and her mother and grandparents won’t tell her where he went, or why. Then one hot August afternoon an endearing old lady named Agatha arrives on the dilapidated porch and tells Cassie that her father has gone to the Land of Blue and Cassie is the only one who can save him.

Under Agatha’s tutelage, Cassie- along with her best friend Mariana who she brings along for support- Zippers between life at her Irish-Catholic, alcoholic grandparents’ house in Boston, to the foggy, carnival style Land of Blue. Once they arrive, they meet TJ, a boy in search of his missing brother. The three become fast friends in this place of seeming never-ending fun, sharing in a similar mission. Yet, Cassie’s plans to find her father and bring him home are consistently and suspiciously thwarted. That is until Cassie falls through the Ripple and discovers an alternate land that illuminates things are not always what they seem and her father may stay trapped in the Land of Blue forever.

Will Cassie find her father and bring him home or will she too remain, like so many others she meets along the way, in the alluring Land of Blue?

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